Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to approve the artwork prior to you shipping it?
Yes, we need your final approval on all art as we care about 100% customer satisfaction. We want to make sure you will love your print and tell all your friends!

Does your message recording work on every browser?
No. Due to the complexity of the custom software to record your personized message on our website, certain browsers have restrictions that do not allow you to record. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Opera on PC or Android and Safari on Mac or iPhone. IE and MS Edge are not compliant for recording, however, if you have your own sound file, you may upload it using any browser. Chrome does not work on iPhone.

How Do I know My Message is Recorded?
First you must click the recording button. When you do, a pop-up may ask your permission to use our microphone to record your message. Click Yes. It will revert back to your device after the recording. It may take a few seconds after you “Click to Save” your recording for it to save. A pop-up window will appear that says, Saved to Order! Your sound file will then be automatically attached to your order.   

What is a QR code?
A QR code is a scannable code that will play your recording when scanned with a QR Reader app on any phone or tablet. There are many free apps that enable you to scan QR codes. Search ‘QR Reader’ to download an app for your phone. All you have to do is scan your QR reader above the code and it will play back the voice or sound that was recorded.

Do I have to have a QR code on my print?
No. We usually place it in the bottom right hand corner as a ¾” square. You have an option not to have the code on your print in which case we will email it to you.  

Does my soundwave have to be on the print to hear it back?
No, you will notice some of our templates do not have a sound wave on them. You can still hear the message back by scanning the QR code.

Do you do custom work
Yes! Email us through our contact form, outlining what you would like. We will be in touch shortly afterwards. There will be an additional charge for some custom ordering which will be determined by the amount of work needed.   

What are the different finished mediums available?  

Paper: We use a Premium Luster Specialty Photo paper.

Canvas: Exhibition Gloss Canvas is our favorite. It is 22mm thick and you have a choice to have it gallery wrapped, mounted on a wood frame or unmounted.

Wood: We use a selection of Birch or Pine. Please note that each piece will be slightly different as no two pieces of real wood are identical. It looks incredible when displayed.

Aluminum: Our aluminum is brushed with rounded corners.

What is the best way to send an audio file?
The easiest way is to upload the audio file using our software when placing your order. You may also email it to us if you have a file on your phone or computer.

What do I do if my audio file is too large to send through email?
If the file is not sending as it may be too large, reach out to us right away as we are here to help. We will send you a link.   

Can you extract audio from voicemails or videos?
Yes, send us those files to us and we will take care of it.

What is the limit of a recording that can be applied to my print?
There is no limit, however, for the best results we recommend up to 15 seconds. The shorter the recording, the more detail you will get in the sound wave.

Can I send a song file?
Yes, we recommend that you purchase a song on Amazon that is DRM free from any royalties owed. We can pull just a portion of a file such as your favorite chorus or have the complete song. Keep in mind when compressing a complete song, your soundwave will be much thicker in order for it to fit.      

Can I edit my own sound file?
Yes, if you would like to shorten, edit or choose a specific part of your sound file, we recommend using Audacity is free software for recording and editing sounds. Once done, email it to us.

How do I record my baby’s heartbeat?
The easiest way to obtain a recording of your baby’s heartbeat is to use your phone’s Voice Memo or Voice Recorder app at your next doctor’s visit to get 5-15 seconds of the heartbeat sound. We will edit any background noise if needed.  Some ultrasound facilities offer this option for you as well.

How long does it take for my order to be received?
For orders in the 48 contiguous US:  

We turn around all orders within 48 hours of approved artwork. We are Las Vegas based, so most orders arrive within a week of approval.

For orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada expect an additional 3 business days to receive. Yes! We love Canadians! We do not ship overseas at this time.